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April PDH Monthly Meeting: Save the date for our next monthly luncheon on April 21st at the Holiday Inn Madison Square Mall.  Details to follow...

Alabama Science and Engineering Fair
We need 3 judges for the Alabama Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF) on April 1 at UAH. We will be judging for SAME Independent awards; winners will present their projects at the June meeting. It is an all-day time commitment starting 7:30 at UAH's Spragins Hall, and wrapping up by 4:30.
Please contact Lael Feist,, if you can volunteer. Lael will be unavailable to help this year, so if you are willing to lead our judges please let her know and she can provide some additional materials and judging instructions.
Post Volunteers

Our post is in need of volunteers.  Volunteer commitment can range from 15 mins a week to 2 hours or for special events it could be a several hour commitment that takes place once a year.  Please contact Ted Foster,, if you would like to volunteer.  This is a great way to support the post and community!

Local School Need
As you know, SAME is a nonprofit and part of their mission is to help educate kids about engineering and promote technical education in K-12 and beyond.  SAME is heavily involved in STEM and we are always looking at ways to help schools bring awareness and interest to engineering and technical studies.  I was recently made aware of two local schools that are in need of laptops and a server.  They are starting a “Cyber Security lab” for each school where they will learn what this is and they will compete at a national level.  This is a growing area of education and a vital need to our national defense. 
As the programs chair on the Huntsville SAME Post I am reaching out to companies that I know that might be able to help…I wanted to start with my own Post since I know where our heart is and I think this is consistent with our mission statement. 
I was wondering if your company would be willing to donate some equipment (get a tax benefit from SAME) and SAME would then donate to the schools on behalf of your company.  I am not looking for your company to fill the entire order (unless you want to), however I was hoping that your company would be able to contribute in some way.  Their need is for a total of 32 Laptops (8 gb RAM), one server (64 gb RAM), and Windows OS licenses.
The program is for local high schools and there is roughly 35 kids in the program. They competed in the Cyber Patriot this year for the first time and came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the Gold Division operating on a shoestring budget.  Please contact Ted Foster,, if you are able to support this need.  

We appreciate your support!  If you have any questions please contact Ted Foster via email at








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