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March 2023 - “What's the real story with the climate?", Dr. John R. Christy

PDH Certificate       Presentation


July 2020 - “Streamlining the NEPA Process through Innovation" by Mr. Brian Boose, CEP and Ms. Jennifer Warf (AECOM)

PDH Certificate       Presentation


June 2020 - “Integrated Schedule and Cost Risk Analysis for the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum" by Mr. Mike Carrancho, Deputy Director for Engineering & Design, Office of Planning Design and Construction at the Smithsonian Institution.

PDH Certificate       Presentation


May 2020 - “Medical Expertise - From Templates to Biohazard to COVID Effort" by Mr. Jelani Ingram, R.A. ; Chief, Architectural

Branch & Center of Standardization (COS), HNC

PDH Certificate       Presentation

March 2020 - “Applying current non-federal healthcare master planning and risk Mitigation practices for the built environment” by Jim Easter – Campus and Facility Master Planning and David Weil, JD – Senior Legal Advisor and Consultant from Easter Healthcare Consulting

PDH Certificate       List of Attendees

February 2020 - "Artemis - Returning Astronauts to the Moon.  SLS (Space Launch System ) will launch the first woman and the next man to the moon", by Kent Criswell, P.E. (SLS Exploration Upper State Integration Lead)

PDH Certificate       List of Attendees


January 2020 - "Let's Get Real About Climate Change (No One Wants to be Poor)", by Dr. John Christy, Alabama State Climatologist, Director of Earth System Science Center, UAH

PDH Certificate       List of Attendees

December 2019 - "Government Ethics", by Mr. Dave Rose, Principal Attorney - Rose Consulting Law Firm

PDH Certificate       List of Attendees

October 2019 - "Army Hypersonic Project Office Update", by Mr. Bob Strider, Deputy Director, Army Hypersonic Project Office

PDH Certificate       List of Attendees

September 2019 - "Upcoming Changes to the EM385 Safety Manual", by Mr. Kyle Shireman, Safety Manager U.S. Army Engineering and Support Center

August 2019 - "Delivering Clinic Facilities: Eliminating Common Mistakes in Commissioning", by Johnathan C. Woodside, P.E., CEM, CxA, LEED AP O+M  Gresham Smith

July 2019 - "Building Enclosure Systems", by Mr. Greg Isaacs, P.E., and Mr. Mike Spach, RRC, RRO, CITL1 (SSR Inc.)

(Link to list of attendees)    


May 2019 - "Military Health System Transformation", by Mr. Wes Turner, P.E., Chief, Medical Division, USACE HNC

(Link to list of attendees)    (Link to presentation)

April 2019 - "Task Force Essayons - Overview of the USACE Support to the Coalition Forces operating in Iraq and Syria", by LTC Hugh Darville, AIA, CCM and Mr. Todd Watts, PE, PMP

February 2019 - "Hurricane Maria Recovery: Overview of the Puerto Rico Temporary Power Mission", by Stephen Hill, PMP, Senior Vice President -  Louis Berger

January 2019 - "The most dangerous dam in the world" by David Sawitzki, M.A. Sc., PE AECOM 


September 2018 - "Mapping our way with drones for environmental sites" by Frank McInturff, PE; Principal @ EnSafe Inc.

August 2018 - "Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance Update" by Mr. Riki Ellison

July 2018 - "Forward Engineering Support for Bridge Repairs in Iraq" by Maj Jeff Jones, 334th EN DET (FEST-A)

May 2018 - "Counterintelligence Threats to Our Local Area" by Special Agent Kerry Straub, FBI

April 2018 - "Cybersecurity for SCADA and Other Critical Industrial Control Systems" by Dr. Thomas Morris, Director of Center for Cybersecurity Research and Education at UAH

February 2018 - "East Bound, Down, and Out of Water" by Mike Bernard, PE ENV SP, Smith Seckman Reid, Inc.

January 2018 - "The Science, Politics, and Morality of Climate Change" by Dr. John R. Christy, Alabama State Climatologist, UAH

SEPTEMBER, 2017 -" America's New Rocket...." by Kent Criswell, P.E., SLS Exploration Upper Stage Integration Lead

AUGUST 2017 - "Energy Security Vulnerabilities - Problems and Solutions" by Todd Tibbets

JULY 2017 - "Demystifying Risk Management"l, by Dr. Bill Carswell, PMP.

MAY 2017 - "Overview of the U.S. Forces - Korea Relocation Program to Camp Humphreys, South of Seoul, by Stephen Browning, P.E., CH2M, Inc.

APRIL 2017 - "The new all small Mentor Protégé Program and other significant changes to the Small Business regulations in the past year", by David Rose, Principal Attorney at Moser Rose Law Firm 

MARCH 2017 - "Preparing to Say 'I do' to a Building Renovation", by Sherlock, Smith & Adams

FEBRUARY 2017 - "Naval Support Activity Crane" 


JANUARY 2017 - "Space and NASA Mars Program", Mr. Jeff Thornburg, President, Interstellar Technologies, LLC


SEPTEMBER 2016 PDF - "Reducing Energy 10% to 40%....", Mr. Steve Harrell, CEM, CxA, Principal with SSR Commissioning

AUGUST 2016 PDF - "The Lean Journey from Manufacturing to Healthcare", Mr. Rudy Santacroce, PE, SCCBB, PMP DSHS

JULY 2016 PDH - "Military Training Ranges - 'Things That Go Boom' ", Mr. Wallace Smith, PE, GARVER

MAY 2016 PDH - "RMF Policies and Processes within Federal Agencies" - Stephen Brewster, Johnson Controls, Inc.


APRIL 2016 PDH - "Energy Resiliency and Security" - Dr. Bill Carswell, PMP









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